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Intergraph Smart 3D Project Management

Intergraph Smart 3D
Administration & Configuration
10.1 (2014 R1)

Project Management allows you, in the role of an administrator, to manage the design and the related hierarchy of permission groups and access privileges. You can also create models, maintain databases, define global workshare locations, and work with Reference 3D models. To start Project Management, click Start > All Programs > Intergraph Smart 3D > Project Management.

  • Prior to using the Project Management software, you must use the Database Wizard to create the site, site schema, catalog, and catalog schema databases. The Database Wizard is located at Start > All Programs > Intergraph Smart 3D > Database Tools > Database Wizard.

  • If the Project Management task does not point to the appropriate database, errors result when you open that database. To correct this problem, close Project Management, and use Start > All Programs > Intergraph Smart 3D > Database Tools > Modify Database and Schema Location to change the site database that the task is viewing. For more information about this utility, see the Smart 3D Installation Guide.

How You Can Use Project Management

Examples of the Project Management tasks that you can perform include:

  • Granting administrative permissions to other site administrators.

  • Defining models and their related properties.

  • Defining permission groups and the folders that organize them.

  • Granting read, write, and other access privileges to users in specific permission groups.

  • Defining and managing locations for Global Workshare.

  • Creating Reports databases for an individual model.

  • Backing up and restoring Smart 3D databases.

  • Migrating catalog and model databases to the currently installed version of the software

  • Managing the administration of projects through the stages of active, complete, and merged with as-built.

  • Configuring and managing the database interference detection service.

  • Copying portions of a model to a different location or to another model.