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Administration & Configuration
10.1 (2014 R1)

In an integrated environment, SmartPlant Enterprise publishes and retrieves data through a central repository, SmartPlant Foundation (SPF). A global workshare configuration (GWC) environment shares all data within one model with multiple remote sites. You can combine the two environments, allowing the use of a central repository at remote sites. A typical configuration is shown below:

The following practices must be followed for effective coordination of SPF and GWC:

  1. All data retrieval must be performed on one GWC Host or Satellite. The permission group used for retrieval must only be available on that same Host or Satellite. This prevents a design basis object from being moved so that it has ownership in multiple permission groups and on multiple GWC sites. If this design basis object is later modified, it fails. Despite this restriction, GWC replicates all retrieved objects to all sites. For more information, see Retrieving Data and Permission Groups.

  2. Smart 3D model registration with the SPF site must be performed on the GWC Host. For more information, see Register in the Integration Reference Guide.

  3. Publishing to SPF must be performed with the proper permissions. You must have write access to all published documents so that publish revisions and dates are modified. Documents that are in permission groups owned by a Satellite cannot be published on the GWC Host or another Satellite if you do not have write permissions in those permission groups. You can:

    • Publish from multiple locations. Permissions are unchanged. With proper permissions, you can publish at each site.

    • Publish from one location. Move permissions groups to the publishing location. With proper permissions, you can publish from that site. Permission groups are then moved back to their original locations when publishing is complete.

      For more information, see Publishing 3D Data and Permission Groups and Global Workshare.