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Use this procedure to overwrite the existing production catalog with a backup of the catalog while continuing to use the existing production model.

Restoring the catalog database from backup without the associated model is a risky workflow. For example, if you made any catalog schema changes and then placed model objects, restoring to an older catalog version may result in severe problems when you try to synchronize that older catalog with your current production model.

Because this option replaces the existing catalog and model databases, users must be locked out of the production model during the restore operation.

  1. Click Tools > Restore.

    The Restore Wizard displays.

  2. Click Restore one or more model databases from backup, and then click Next.

  3. Perform the standard restore steps. For more information, see Restore a model from backup.

  4. Click Finish.

    The software displays a warning that a catalog database with the name that you have specified already exists in the server location. The message asks if you want to link the existing catalog database with the newly restored model database instead of restoring a catalog database from backup.

  5. Click No.

    The software displays another warning asking if you want to overwrite the existing catalog database with a copy of the catalog database from backup.

  6. Click Overwrite.

    The software displays a message asking if you want to overwrite the existing model database.

  7. Click No.

    The existing production catalog database is replaced with the catalog database from the backup. The model database is not restored. The log file displays after the restore completes.

  8. Click Close in the Restore Wizard.

  9. Click Tools > Synchronize Model with Catalog.

  10. Allow users to resume work in the production model.