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10.1 (2014 R1)

Adds users and groups to the selected item. This dialog box displays when you click Add on the Access Permissions dialog box. Adding users and groups in the software works similarly to the Windows process.

Add names

Displays the list of users and groups that you want to add. Click Add to select and search for users and groups or type the domain and user name directly into a User cell to add names to this list.

Only allow users from trusted domains

Restricts entries in the Add names grid to users who are verified and part of the trusted domain. When you clear this check box, the software allows you to type names of users and groups into the grid without validating them. For example, if you are setting up global workshare satellites, you can clear this option so that you can type the satellite user names into the permission groups.


Displays the Windows common dialog box for selecting and searching for users and groups.


Deletes the selected user or group and permissions from the Add names grid. This option is only available when a row is selected.

Type of access

Assigns the appropriate access level for the users in the Add names list. Options include: Full Control, Read, or Write. When you select a type of access, the software automatically updates the associated row in the Add names grid.

Add To

Lists the following options:

  • Objects selected in list view

  • All permission groups in site database

  • All models in site database

  • All catalogs in site database

When you select a new value, the associated row in the grid automatically updates. The Add To column is only available when you select multiple users or groups in the list view. When you select only one user or group, the option is unavailable and the Add names grid only displays the User and Type of Access columns.


Places the information in the Add names grid to the Select user row to adjust access grid on the Access Permissions dialog box.


Discards any users or groups that you defined in the dialog box and closes the dialog box.