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Administration & Configuration

  • You must run database integrity and clean all corrupted objects that are of fatal or crucial severity before running database conversion on a source database.

  • You can convert all Smart 3D databases at the same time; however, if you choose to convert databases separately, the databases must be converted in the following order:

    1. Site and site schema

    2. Catalogs and catalog schemas

    3. Models

  • All users must be logged out of the source databases. No one can access or change the source databases during the conversion process.

  1. Open the Database Conversion Wizard by clicking Start > All Programs > Intergraph Smart 3D > Database Tools > Database Conversion Wizard.

  2. On the Source and Target Databases page, the source database is set by default to the database to which you are connected.

    If you need to change the source database, you must use the Modify Database and Schema Location utility. You cannot change the source database in this wizard.

  3. On the Server Mapping Information page, review and update if needed, the server mapping information, and select the databases to be converted. Click Next.

  4. On the Conversion Details page, review the conversion settings you have defined, and click Next.

  5. Click Convert.

    The Conversion Status page shows the conversion process and conversion errors, if any. The conversion status information is also written to the log file.

  6. Click Close to exit the wizard when the conversion is complete.

  7. Review conversion log files in the Temp folder, and correct conversion errors.

    • ConvertDBStatus.log - Shows source and target database details, conversion status, and validation of converted databases. This file indicates whether there is any mismatch in the count of rows in the source and target databases.

    • ConvertDBError.log - Shows conversion errors, if any exists.