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10.1 (2014 R1)

Database > New > Catalog creates a new, empty catalog database and schema without bulkloaded data. You can also create a new catalog database and schema with data by using a template. In addition, this command uses the active site's catalog database type, Microsoft® SQL Server or Oracle®, to create the new catalog databases.

An empty catalog is a catalog database that contains the database schema, such as tables, procedures, and views, but does not contain any data, such as part data or specifications. In addition to creating the schema for the new catalog, the command creates the default permission groups and access rules in the catalog. The command also creates the default root nodes in the catalog, which display in the tree view in the Catalog task.

You can use the Create a new catalog from a template option to begin work from a seed catalog. A catalog database with data contains reference data such as part dimensions, specifications, and industry standards.

After you create a new catalog with this command, the catalog displays under the Reference Data folder in Project Management. You can bulkload data into the new catalog at any time. You cannot create or modify data in the new catalog through the Catalog task until you associate the catalog with a model. After you associate the catalog with a model, you can open a session file and add parts and specification data to the catalog in the Catalog task. Adding data to a catalog requires administrator privileges.

In a Global Workshare configuration, Database > New > Catalog is available at the host location, but not at satellite locations. You cannot create or modify reference data at satellite locations. In addition, Smart 3D does not support Linux for Global Workshare. You must run Oracle on a Windows-based server if you intend to use Global Workshare.

For more information about loading information into a new catalog, see Smart 3D Reference Data.

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