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10.1 (2014 R1)

SQL Server contains additional maintenance procedures that can improve database performance. These procedures are performed directly in SQL Server—not in the Smart 3D software—and are performed by a SQL administrator. Detailed procedures are not described here.

Backing Up Transaction Logs

Transaction logs are backed up to release space on the transaction log file and prevent indefinite growth.

In a Global Workshare environment, transaction log backups are only needed for the set of host databases. These databases experience the largest log file growth due to the Recovery Model property being set to Full. For more information, see Recovery Models (SQL Server) in the SQL Server Combined Help.

Transaction log backups are not used for restoring databases. You should schedule Smart 3D backups for disaster recovery. For more information, see Backup in the Project Management Help.

You can create a single maintenance plan for multiple databases (such as the site, site schema, catalog, catalog schema, and model that comprise a standard Smart 3D database set) or create a separate maintenance plan for each database.

For more information, see Maintenance Plan Wizard in the SQL Server Combined Help.

Updating Statistics to Optimize Queries

The SQL Server Query Optimizer uses database statistics to efficiently retrieve and update data. The Query Optimizer automatically updates statistics. You can also manually update statistics more frequently to improve query performance, especially when creating and updating drawings. You can use UPDATE STATISTICS or the Transact-SQL stored procedure sp_updatestats.

For more information, see Statistics Used by the Query Optimizer and UPDATE STATISTICS (Transact-SQL) in the SQL Server Combined Help.