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ShipDwg Table does not exist in Catalog.



Detailed Description

The Catalog database does not contain the tables for the different active entities of the Ship Drawings task. You can use a DB Integrity script to check the Catalog database. When this script is run on the existing Catalog, if any of the tables does not exist, the software reports errors and associated information such as severity, action, and so forth. The script also provides a fix, an SQL file, to create the missing tables.

Possible Cause

The ShipCatalogDB_Level4.dat file delivered with the software does not contain the Ship Drawings tables.

Possible Impacts

During the migration process, errors might be generated while the Catalog is being upgraded.

What You Should Do

Run Query Analyzer, and then run the corresponding SQL script for any missing tables.

  • If the missing table is dbo.SHIPDWGArrangementAE, the fix is ShipDrawings\ Server\Schema\SQL\DataIntegrityScripts\CDBArrangementAEOleDB.sql.

  • If the missing table is dbo.SHIPDWGXMLStorage, the fix is ShipDrawings\ Server\Schema\SQL\DataIntegrityScripts\CDBGenericStorage.sql.

  • If the missing table is dbo.DRAWNGGSCADDwgGen, the fix is ShipDrawings\ Server\Schema\SQL\DataIntegrityScripts\CDBGSCADDwgGen.sql.

  • If the missing table is dbo.SHPDWGReportGenerator, the fix is ShipDrawings\ Server\Schema\SQL\DataIntegrityScripts\CDBGSCADReportGenerator.sql.

  • If the missing table is dbo.SHIPDWGHullLinesAE, the fix is ShipDrawings\ Server\Schema\SQL\DataIntegrityScripts\CDBHullLinesAEOleDB.sql.

  • If the missing table is dbo.SHIPDWGScantlingByVolumeAE, the fix is ShipDrawings\ Server\Schema\SQL\DataIntegrityScripts\CDBScantlingByVolumeAE.sql.

  • If the missing table is dbo.SHIPDWGShipDwgView, the fix is ShipDrawings\ Server\Schema\SQL\DataIntegrityScripts\CDBShipDrawingView.sql.

  • If the missing table is dbo.STRUCTShipDwgGenBroker, the fix is ShipDrawings\ Server\Schema\SQL\DataIntegrityScripts\CDBShipDwg.sql.

  • If the missing table is dbo.STRUCTStructDwgGenBroker, the fix is ShipDrawings\ Server\Schema\SQL\DataIntegrityScripts\CDBStructDwg.sql.

  • If the missing table is dbo.SHIPDWGShellExpSystem, the fix is ShipDrawings\ Server\Schema\SQL\DataIntegrityScripts\CDBShellExpSystem.sql.