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Duplicate PlateBound_OPER3 relationships exist between the same two objects.



Detailed Description

A duplicate PlateBound_OPER3 relationship exists between a PlateBound Active Entity and an input object to that active entity. The PlateBound_OPER3 relationship is used exclusively for leaf profile systems. This relationship should contain all of the leaf profile systems associated with a root profile system on the PlateBound_OPER2 relationship.

Possible Cause

Unknown. This problem was found on active entities for brackets.

Possible Impacts

Unknown. But there is a potential for problems.

What You Should Do

  1. Ask your database administrator to back up the model.

  2. In the software, click Tools > Custom Commands, and run the Clean Database custom command.

  3. Select the object (the object type may be unknown) with the above error message.

  4. Click Clean Now. All objects that have this problem will be corrected. (You do not have to select all cases.)

  5. Re-run the Check Database Integrity custom command and the DBIntegrity report.

  6. If the object is still posted, contact Smart 3D Support.