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Document Output Manager has duplicate data documents.



Detailed Description

The drawing generation process creates one or more files known as DocumentData objects, such as Update Log, User Graphics, View Monikerization File, and Exclude/Hidden Objects. The DocumentData objects are stored in the model database, related to the Document Output Manager collection, and used (with the exception of Update Log) to regenerate the drawing on successive updates. Each file is given a unique name and is retrieved by name. It is very important that these DocumentData objects remain uniquely named within the Document Output Manager.

Possible Cause


Possible Impacts

When you open, edit, or update an existing drawing, redundantly named DocumentData objects can lead to the incorrect drawing object being chosen. The drawing file retrieved from the database may also not be the latest revision of that file. This situation could lead to incorrect results when viewing or updating the drawing because the contents of that drawing file may not be properly synchronized with the model.

What You Should Do

Run the Clean Database custom command, select the objects, and click Clean Now. This operation removes the duplicate objects.