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Analysis Model has more than one member folder.



Detailed Description

Analysis Model has more than one member folder.

Possible Cause

When the filter associated with the Analysis Model is applied, the members are associated to the analysis model's member folder. If the member folder relationship to the Analysis Model is inaccessible at the time the filter is applied, the software may 1) create another member folder under the Analysis Model and 2) associate the members to this new member folder instead of the existing one.

Possible Impacts

Exporting the analysis model to analysis will likely fail, and the output members to the analysis export file may contain the incorrect set of members.

What You Should Do

The only solution to resolve this situation is to remove your analysis model, which unfortunately will remove all your boundary conditions. You can accomplish this task by completing the following procedure:

  1. Copy your load combinations to the catalog.

  2. Delete your analysis model.

  3. Re-create your analysis model.

  4. Paste from catalog your copied load combinations into your new analysis model load combination folder.

  5. Re-define your boundary conditions.