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12 (2018)


Error on symbol relation.


High if the error occurs in the Model database or in the Catalog.

Detailed Description

This error is an internal error that causes a user object to be inaccessible to any computation or modification.

Possible Cause

A Symbol has failed to reconnect to some internal objects. This situation is most likely to happen if a copy or calculation happened when one of the objects created or referenced by the Symbol is unavailable, leaving the Symbol in an incomplete state. It can also happen when there is a problem with permissions or when a server or DLL is not available.

Possible Impacts

An object might appear impossible to modify. It might be impossible to get the properties of the object.

What You Should Do

Please contact Hexagon PPM Support so that the problem can be investigated by a development team.

  1. Open the model.

  2. Run the Clean Database custom command, and select all the objects with the error description Error on symbol relation and codelist name COREInvalidDataMessage.

Do NOT run the Clean Database custom command to fix other objects, until all the Error on symbol relation objects are fixed. This recommendation is made because some other checks may also detect that the Symbols are in an inconsistent state and suggest deletion.