PDMS Import Validation - Intergraph Smart 3D - 2014 R1 - Administration

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Administration & Configuration

Use the File > Import > PDMS Datal Import > PDMS Import Validation command to validate the mapping data that you have defined in the PDMSS3DImportMapping.xls workbook. The command uses a specified set of user-defined criteria to locate missing mapping details, and then updates the individual worksheets in the PDMSS3DMapping.xls workbook with any missing mapping information. For identification, the software highlights the updated cells in red.

After running the validation tool, you must bulkload the CustomInterfaces sheet in the PDMSPropertySchemaDefinition.xls workbook into the Smart 3D catalog. This bulkload is required to add the PMDS interfaces to the Smart 3D catalog, and to update the Smart 3D property dialog boxes with the PDMS category.

The results of the validation process are written to a log file.

PDMS Properties Extractor Dialog Box

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