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Intergraph Smart Materials Web API Help 2017 (2.0)

Intergraph Smart Materials

Name and Description

Start Forecast Run Async - This API is used for defining and starting forecast run asynchronously. A forecast asynchronous run does no reservations. After running, the inventory will not be changed. If the same forecast run will be started once again this will have the same result.

URL Format

/Projects(':project')/Disciplines(':discipline')/Nls(':language')/ ForecastHeaders (‘:key’)/Com.Ingr.Smat.V1.Start/

Specify values for project, discipline, language and key parameters in the URL. The first three values together define a project environment in which the forecast header is created. The key parameter defines the forecast header id, for which an inventory item is being added.

Use the following read-only APIs to get the available values for each parameter.




URL Parameter

:project, :discipline, :language, :key

Data Parameter




Request Headers

Header Key: Prefer

Header Value: respond-async

Required Privilege


Success Response

HTTP status code sent back to client on the API execution success: 
Code: 202 Accepted

Body: Empty (Response should be empty).

Response Header must have

Location : Location to monitor Job Status

Error Response

This API may fail with the following error messages:

Error Code: 401 Unauthorized



"error": {

"code": "",

"message": "Authorization has been denied for this request."}