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Intergraph Smart 3D
Reference Data
12 (2018)

Library Name: SmartParts
Workbook: HS_S3DParts.xls
Codelist: HS_S3DParts_Codelist.xls
ProgID: HSSmartPart,Ingr.SP3D.Content.Support.Symbols.PipeRPad; HSSmartPart,Ingr.SP3D.Content.Support.Symbols.ElbowRPad
Part Name: Repads
Part Description: Repads

Use the following procedure to place a sample Reinforcement Pad (Repad) SmartPart delivered with the catalog:

  1. Click Tasks > Hanger and Supports.

  2. Place a design support on a pipe.

  3. Click Place Part command, and then select the design support.

  4. In the Select Part dialog box, select a part from Parts > SmartParts > S3D Standard > Reinforcement Pads as shown in the following graphic:

Part Properties

Millimeters (mm) is the default unit. To specify inches, place "in" at the end of the dimensional value. The software shows ports as points highlighted in red.




Example: S3Dhs_PipeRPad, S3Dhs_ElbowRPad sheet in HS_S3DParts.xls