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Reference Data
12 (2018)

These attributes define the common properties of hanger beam steel.


Specifies whether the hanger beam is Cutback steel or Snipped steel. HgrBeamType is a codelisted value. Allowed values are from HS_System_Codelist.xls are 1- Cutback Steel and 2 - Snipped Steel.

  • Cutback steel is not supported for circular cross sections, such as HSSR and Pipe.

  • Snipped steel is only supported for an L cross section.

IJUAhsOccOverLength:: BeginOverLength

Specifies the over length at the beginning of the steel. BeginOverLength can be either positive or negative.

IJUAhsOccOverLength:: EndOverLength

Specifies the over length at the end of the steel. EndOverLength can be either positive or negative.


Specifies the length of the steel. The software calculates Length using the start and end points in the graphic when you place the steel.


Specifies the cut length of the steel when you apply cutback angles, snip angles, or overlength on the steel.

Use the following properties to map and retrieve the geometry information from structural workbook, StructCrossSections-<Standard Name>.xls.


Specifies the cross section type. Example, L, C, W, and so on.


Specifies the standard name. It is a codelisted value from HS_System_Codelist.xls. For example, AISC, CISC, Japan, China, Aust, and so on.


Specifies the section name. Use the SecionName from StructCrossSections-<Standard Name>.xls. For example, HSS32x24x.625, C15x50, L8x8x1-1/8, and so on.


Specifies the plane for the reflection of Rich Hanger Beam. The following codelist values are available in the hsReflectType sheet of the HS_S3DParts_Codelist workbook.

  • 0 - No

  • 1 - Along Flange Plane

  • 2 - Along Web Plane


Specifies the offset for the Reflect Plane from the Cardinal Point 1 of the section.