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Orthographic graphic module: DefaultGraphics.dll

Rule set graphic module: Default Graphics

Prevents the following issues that can occur with manually-placed dimensions:

  • During view update, the dimensions are sometimes deleted or move to a different location.

  • The update of a view takes longer than it should.

You can apply this custom graphic module to an object type that exhibits these behaviors. When you update the view, manual dimensions associated to the object type lose associations to the type and do not move. The manual dimension maintain associations to other object types.

You can also use Default Graphics to gain an improvement in view update performance when there are no manual dimensions.


The software assigns a unique identifier to every graphic element in a view. For some elements, the software does not always assign the same identifier when a view is updated. For manual dimensions to properly update, these identifiers cannot change. If all identifiers for a dimension cannot be found on a newly updated view, the dimension is deleted. If an identifier is placed on a different graphic, the dimension moves.