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Controls line placement through the coordinate label points along aligned objects. Use this property to include a line between label points that are aligned horizontally or vertically on the drawing sheet.

Select On to place one or more lines that connect the objects.

  • You can place lines in a vertical or horizontal direction, depending on the alignment of the objects. However, diagonal placement for diagonally aligned objects is not supported.

  • If you do not specify a line style, the software applies a default line style. For more information, see Line Style.

  • The following geometric analyzer modules use the Place Lines property:

    • Object Axis (DrawingGAEquipmentStyle2)

    • Aligned Objects (DrawingGALabelInline)

  • The following options allow you to manually edit the .xml file:

    • Type -1 to place lines.

    • Type 0 to suppress lines.

  • Enclose either of the above values within the following .xml tags.