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Specifies whether the label is a Nozzle, Top of Equipment/Bottom of Equipment, or Angle label.

1 - Nozzle label

2 - Top of Equipment label

3 - Angle label

Select the value that you want to apply to the label from a list.

  • Select Nozzle to label the nozzle. The system displays the label along the vector of the nozzle orientation angle. When more than one nozzle lies along the same orientation angle, the software groups the labels along one leader line.

  • Select Top of Equipment/Bottom of Equipment to label the top or the bottom of the equipment. The software references the report template file specification (Report Template) to determine whether the label displays to the top (TOP) or bottom (BTM) of the equipment. By default, the system displays TOP for report template Nozzle Orientation Plan_Nozzle_TOP_Name.rtp. Likewise, by default, the system displays BTM for report template Nozzle Orientation Plan_Nozzle_BTM_Name.rtp. The software places both the TOP and BTM labels alongside the Nozzle label.

  • Select Angle to label the angle of the nozzle on the equipment. The software determines the angle label position based on the Global Coordinate System.

  • The positioning module Clear Space Radial from Object Center with Clustering (DrawingCentroid) uses the Label Type property.

  • The following options allow you to manually edit the .xml file:

    • Type 0 to place a Nozzle label.

    • Type 1 to place a TOP or BTM label.

    • Type 2 to place an Angle label.

  • Enclose any of the above values within the following .xml tags.