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Places a leader line when the distance from the label to the graphic object exceeds the limit defined in the label template.

In the following image, the distance from the graphic object to the leader line exceeds the defined limit. Therefore, the system places a leader line.

In the next image, the distance from the graphic object to the label falls within the limit defined in the label template. Therefore, the software does not place a leader line.

Usage in Label Template XML







toleranceZone - Controls when a leader line is placed or not based on the label's distance from the labeled object.

If the label is within the specified distance from the outer boundary of the object, then the leader line is suppressed. If the label is outside of the specified distance, then the leader line is displayed. For example, if the Tolerance Zone value is set to 10 mm, the label must be at least 10 mm away (in paper units) from the labeled object before a leader appears.

For labels placed manually using the Place a Label command, type in a distance value in the Tolerance Zone box on the ribbon.

breakline - Controls whether or not a breakline appears for the label. The breakline normally connects the leader line to the label.

Type -1 to display the leader jog.

Type 0 to omit the leader jog.