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Specifies the maximum distance between consecutive endpoints of linear objects.

The system uses the specified distance for grouping label points together, grouping points that consecutively fall within the specified maximum offset into a particular set. The software then creates one label per set. Conversely, the system creates a separate label for each point that lies at a greater distance from the closest linear points than the specified Maximum Offset for Grouping value.

The distance that you specify must take into account inline features, such as pipe valves. Therefore, the specified value must be high enough that the system does not create labels on both sides of each inline feature.

The default distance is 0.1 m.

  • Specify 0 or a positive decimal value for this distance.

  • In contrast to the majority of properties, the software interprets the distance that you specify as model space units and not as paper space units.

  • The End of Segment (DrawingGAEndOfSegment) geometric analyzer module uses the Maximum Offset for Grouping property.

  • To manually edit the .xml file, enclose the maximum offset distance between the following .xml tags.



To edit the Maximum Offset for Grouping property in the Label Rule Manager, type the distance in the text box.