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SmartPlant Instrumentation Programmer's Guide

Intergraph Smart Instrumentation
2016 SP1 (11.0.1)

The SmartPlant Instrumentation Programmer's Guide provides comprehensive information that enables you to use external programming in order to add some customization to SmartPlant Instrumentation.

This external programming enables two types of external function that can update and validate data in SmartPlant Instrumentation.

The underlying principle of the external functions is that your SmartPlant Instrumentation administrator can define additional validation and update rules in SmartPlant Instrumentation Rule Manager. SmartPlant Instrumentation will utilize these rules at runtime. In order for SmartPlant Instrumentation to utilize these rules, you will have to write additional code that will activate these rules.

Note that you have to be familiar with SmartPlant Instrumentation interactively and understand the basic concepts of programming.

You can use both Microsoft Visual Basic .NET and Microsoft C# with the SmartPlant Instrumentation software to implement internal validation and modification routines.

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