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Smart Isometrics I-Convert Help

Intergraph I-Convert
  1. If you are in Settings mode, click Generate Catalogs on the toolbar to move from Settings mode to Generate mode.

    The software displays the following dialog box.

  2. On the Specification list tab, double-click a specification in the Specification List.

    The software automatically displays the Specification [Specification Name] tab, which lists the available component groups.

  3. On the Specification [Specification Name] tab, click a component group to display the actual available components within the specification, such as all Straight Through/Inline components.

    The software automatically displays the Components tab, which lists all of the available piping components for the selected component type.

  4. Click Detail View.

    The software displays the given and calculated attributes on the Component settings and other tabs. Property data and component settings are read-only.

  5. Click each tab to review property data for the selected component. For bolted components, such as a flanged ball valve, use the Physical Data tab to navigate through the Physical data files.

  6. After reviewing component settings, click Exit to return to the Settings dialog box for the current CADWorx project.
    Click Overview to generate specifications from the CADWorx piping input data.

In Generate mode, the following two data views are available:

  • Overview allows you to generate specifications from CADWorx input data. For more information, see Create catalogs from CADWorx data.

  • Detail View allows you to review CADWorx component data.