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Smart Isometrics I-Convert Help

Intergraph I-Convert

Options Tab

Append length and diameter to item code

Appends the length and diameter to the bolt item code if required. This feature is particularly useful if bolts do not carry unique item codes dependent on diameter and length.

  • In the Smart Isometrics bolting file, the item code of the referenced bolt for a component must be unique for the correct bolts to be automatically assigned. If the bolts in the PDMS specification are not unique dependent on diameter and length, then check his option if automatic bolt placement in Smart Isometrics is to be used.

  • Item codes can be truncated in Isogen to remove the length and diameter using either Item Code Substitution or Option Switch 28.

Available Lengths Tab

Range from & Increment

Specifies the available bolt lengths and increments. I-Convert uses the range and increment when calculating the bolt length. If the software creates extra bolts as specified on the Wafer Fittings tab, bolts are created in increments up to the maximum range.

Wafer Fittings Tab

Connection codes

Specifies the end preparation code which identifies wafer (trapped between flanges) components.

Number of bolts

Specifies the number of bolts required for wafer fittings. The minimum is 1 bolt.

As a bolt is created by the software, n-1 additional bolts are also created at the increments specified up to the maximum length as specified on the Available Lengths tab.


Accepts all changes and closes the dialog box.


Cancels all changes and closes the dialog box.


Accepts all changes without closing the dialog box.


Resets all settings in the dialog box to the stored defaults.


Opens the online documentation displays the Help-related topic.