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Intergraph Smart 3D Hangers and Supports

Intergraph Smart 3D
12 (2018)

Allows you to add or modify parts in a support.


Opens the Properties dialog for the part.

Custom Form Definition

Opens the user defined form for an object that has a form defined. It is enabled only if a form definition is defined for the support being placed. If the support does not have the form defined, this command is not available. See User-defined Forms.

Select Part

Displays the Select Part Dialog. You can select a new part or part class to replace the active part.


Extends a variable length part. This option appears only during modification (not placement). In addition, this option is available only if the active part can be extended.

Toggle Port

Toggles the port attachment of the part. This option is available only during placement (not modification).


Displays the part number from the reference data. You can edit this field.

Support Name

Displays the name of the designed support. This name also appears in the Workspace Explorer on the System tab.


Displays the kind of part. After placement, this field displays the part number.

Cardinal Point

Displays the cardinal point by which the rich steel is being placed. This option is available only if the part is rich steel. Rich steel is available by bulkloading one of the sample workbooks: HS_Str-xxxxx.xls, for example: HS_Str-CISC-8.1.xls.

Fifteen cardinal positions are available. The location of cardinal points 10 (center-of-gravity) and 15 (shear center) depend on the section shape. The local z-axis of the member and the center-of-gravity point of the section define cardinal points 11 and 14. The local y-axis of the member and the center-of-gravity point of the section define cardinal points 12 and 13.