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Intergraph SAP Wizard Help

Intergraph Smart Electrical
2018 (8.0)

Generate the SAP data file by typing at the command line according to the following syntax:

  • <File path>\SPELSapWiz.exe app='<program name>' plant='<plant name>' config='<configuration name>' data='<data file name>'

  • For example:

  • E:\SAP\Bin\SPELSapWiz.exe app='SPElectrical' plant='15d5' config='Demo config', data='Latest SAP data'

    • You can use single quotes (') or double quotes (") to enclose the parameter values.

    • You do not need to include the application name if you are only working with one of the applications supported by the SAP wizard.

    • You do not need to include the plant name unless you want to export data from a plant other than the currently active plant.