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Intergraph Smart Electrical
2018 (8.0)

This page allows you to define the general items that appear in the header and footer of the generated file.  You can specify a number of general fields to appear independently in the header and footer.

Define layout for - Select General Header or General Footer to specify where you want to define the fields.

Seq. - Displays the sequence of the parameters that are to appear in the header or footer. You can change the sequence of the parameters using Move Up and Move Down.

Field Type - Select the field type to appear in the header or footer.  You can select among the following field types: Date, Time, File Name, Sequence, String, and Count Items.

Field Format - For date and time fields, you can select a specified format.  For field type String, you can type the string value.

Length - Enter the maximum number of characters that you want to allow for the field value.

Move Up - Moves the currently selected row above the previous row.

Move Down - Moves the currently selected row below the next row.

Delete - Deletes the currently selected row.