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Intergraph Smart Electrical
2018 (8.0)

This page allows you to modify the maximum allowed lengths of the strings for each item type property.  You can also specify one or more user-defined fields with fixed values that appear at the end of the set of data for the particular item type.

Item type - Select the item type for which you want to display information.  Only those item types that you selected on the Select Item Types page appear in this list.

Total line length - Displays the sum of the maximum allowed number of characters for all the item type properties.

Seq. - Displays the sequence of the item type properties.  The sequence is determined by the item type layout.

Field Name - Displays the names of the fields that appear in the Tabular Editor layout for the selected item type.  If no layout is selected, the software uses the standard fields specified in the database.  You can add user-defined fields at the end of the list for specifying fixed strings to add to the end of each record of the specified item type.

Field Value - For user-defined fields, type the string that you want to appear in the data file.  For example, if you add a user-defined field named 'Author', you can type the name of the person in this cell, and this is the string that will appear at the end of each record of the specified item type.

Length - Enter the maximum number of characters that you want to allow for the field value.

Delete - Deletes the current row.  This option applies to user-defined fields only.