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Intergraph SAP Wizard Help

Intergraph Smart Electrical
2018 (8.0)

You can generate a SAP data file using an existing configuration, or you can specify a new configuration.  The software can only access data from plants that belong to the currently selected site.  The site is specified when you open SmartPlant Electrical.

Plant - Select a plant within the current site from which the data is to be extracted.

Create a new configuration - Allows you to define a completely new configuration.  When you select this option, no parameters are defined, and you must type a value in the Configuration box. You can create a new configuration based on an existing configuration by clicking Modify an existing configuration, selecting an existing configuration, and saving that configuration under a new name.

Modify an existing configuration - Allows you to modify the parameters on each page of the wizard for an existing configuration.  You can select this option and type a new configuration name to create a new configuration based on existing parameters.

Use an existing configuration - Uses the configuration you select to generate data.  When you select this option and click Next, you are taken directly to the Save Configuration and Generate Data File page.

Configuration - Select a configuration from the list, or type a new value to define a new configuration.