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Intergraph Smart Isometrics
2018 R1 (7.1)

SmartPlant integration standardizes and improves the communication among the authoring tools that you use in designing, constructing, and operating a plant. SmartPlant Foundation acts as a central repository for data and a medium through which information is shared among other authoring tools. SmartPlant Isometrics participates in an integrated environment by allowing you to publish the materials and piping data that you create in the software. After you publish this data, other authoring tools can then retrieve it, which enables sharing and re-use of model data throughout the plant lifecycle.

The commands that provide access to SmartPlant integration functionality exist on the SmartPlant menu.

Configuring the software to work in an integrated environment provides a platform for data exchange, sharing, and integration across various software tools, enabling concurrent use and rapid communication among all SmartPlant Isometrics project participants. Critical information is stored only once in a data-neutral warehouse, eliminating duplication and ensuring that timely, accurate data is always available.

To enable the software to work in an integrated environment, you must do the following:

  • Verify the installation of all the software prerequisites. For more information, refer to the SmartPlant Isometrics Installation documentation.

  • Install Intergraph SmartPlant (Schema Component and the SmartPlant Client), both of which are delivered with SmartPlant Foundation.

  • Use I-Configure to register the project with SmartPlant Foundation.

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