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SmartPlant Isometrics Help

Intergraph Smart Isometrics
7.1 (2018 R1)

You can use SmartPlant Isometrics to create one or more pipelines in a single file. Each pipeline consists of a set of connected components, but the pipelines themselves do not need to connect together. Isogen processes each pipeline is separately and creates one or more isometric drawings for each.

The diagram below shows the basic organizational structure of a standard pipeline model in SmartPlant Isometrics:

You can split a single pipeline into one or more sheets. Each sheet can contain a different yet connected portion of the entire pipeline. When modeling a standard pipeline, the software forces you to observe the rules listed below:

  1. Each sheet can only contain objects from one single pipeline.

  2. The software does not consider components in differing pipelines as being connected.

  3. The software always produces pipeline isometrics.

Alternatively, it is possible to create a single piping system consisting of multiple connected pipelines. Isogen processes the entire system and, depending on system model content and complexity, produces one or more isometric drawings containing all the pipelines.

  • Click New on the Standard toolbar. Alternatively, click File > New, or press CTRL+N.

    The software opens a new Detail window, and the Pipeline Explorer adds the pipeline reference for the pipeline.

If you have not defined a default specification in the project defaults for the current project, the software prompts you to connect to a specification. For more information about defining project defaults, see the I-Configure Help.