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Intergraph Smart Isometrics
2018 R1 (7.1)

You can use Move Pipeline to move a section of pipe and all of its connected elements. For example, you can use Move Pipeline to merge two separate sections of pipe to form a single straight. You can also use Move Pipeline to drag skewed pipe.

Example 1

In this example, two pipes are running towards each other. You can use Move Pipeline to move one section of pipe until the two end points merge together to form one complete straight section.

  1. Click Move Pipeline on the Edit toolbar. Alternatively, click Edit > Move Pipeline.

  2. Select the pipe to move.

  3. With the mouse button depressed, drag the pipe toward the open end of the other pipeline.

  4. Release the mouse button when the two end points merge together.

  • The cursor displays as when the two points merge together and displays as when a branch is created.

  • When you merge two individual pipe lengths to form a single straight length of pipe, the software recalculates the total dimension based on the total dimension of both sections of pipe. Consider the following examples:

    • One section of pipe is dimensioned (2000mm), while the other section of pipe is undimensioned (0mm). The software calculates the final pipe length to be 2000mm (2000mm+0mm).

    • Both sections of pipe are dimensioned--one is 500mm and the other is 2000mm. The software calculates the final pipe length to be 2500mm (2000+500mm).

    • Both sections of pipe are undimensioned. After merging the two pipe sections, you must enter an appropriate dimension.

    • If the pipes have different bores, the software automatically inserts a reducer (or expander) to join the two pipe sections.

Example 2

You can use Move Pipeline to adjust the 2D representation of skews in the sketch. Consider the following sketch of a 2D skew:

  1. Click Move Pipeline .

  2. Using the mouse, drag from the center of the bend at the end of the skew. The resulting sketch resembles the example.