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SmartPlant Instrumentation DBChecker Utility

Intergraph Smart Instrumentation
2016 SP1 (11.0.1)

The DBChecker Utility allows you to select all or specific database items and run a database check for a domain.

Domain — Allows you to select a target domain in your database after you click Connect.

Connect — Connects to the Admin schema of the database.

Output data file path — Allows you to specify a path where the software creates the log files that contain information about the database problems and problem fix suggestions.  For the log file details, see Log File Descriptions.  The default location of the log files is the home folder.

Check tables and related items

Tables — Allows you to check the database tables.  Selecting this check box enables you to select other check boxes.

Primary keys — Allows you to check the primary keys.

Foreign keys — Allows you to check the foreign keys.

Stored procedures — Allows you to check stored procedures.

Triggers — Allows you to check triggers.

Indexes — Allows you to check indexes.

Initial records — Allows you to check rows in which all fields of primary keys are zeros.  Selecting this check box enables you to include reference data in the database check.

Reference data — Allows you to check existence of required rows in pertinent tables.

Check other database items

Invalid objects — Allows you to check invalid objects in Oracle.

Disabled foreign keys — Allows you to check disabled foreign keys in Oracle or SQL Server.

Run — Starts checking the database.