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Sets options for placing module symbols, such as trusses, on belt profile geometry in SmartSketch.


Exports symbol data after symbols are added to the data layer, as defined on the Place Along and Place tabs. The Exported Data dialog box appears, showing the symbol data to be placed in the 3D model. By default, this data is saved to PlaceModules.txt in your Local\Temp folder

  • You can configure the file path of exported symbol data for all SmartSketch commands. For more information, see Appendix: Share2D3D Folder.

  • Import Modules in the Material Handling task automatically looks for the presence of PlaceModules.txt. For more information, see Import Modules.


Closes the dialog box.

Configure Tab (SmartSketch 2D Automation Command Dialog Box)
Place Along Tab (SmartSketch Place Modules Dialog Box)
Place Tab (SmartSketch Place Modules Dialog Box)