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Intergraph Smart 3D Material Handling

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Intergraph Smart 3D

The Configure tab defines configuration information for the symbols.

Select Belt Component

Select a component type: Equipment, Modules, or Misc.

Symbol Directory

Type the full path location to the symbol share folder, or browse to select a symbol share.

Layer Name

Specify the required layer. Type a name in the box, or select a name in the list. To create a new layer, click New Layer.

New Layer

Opens the Layer Properties Dialog Box so that you can create a new layer. Layers created using New Layer are also visible in the Layer Display dialog box, which is accessible using the Tools > Layers command in SmartSketch. For more information, see the SmartSketch Help.


Opens the Layer Properties dialog box so that you can specify the name of the parent system.

Sync 3D-2D

Syncs all the equipment in Sketch 2D according to their positions in the 3D environment.

  • The components are displayed under the parent system name you create in the 2D environment in the 3D Workspace Explorer.

  • Do not delete all the components under the parent system, you must leave at least one component undeleted to see the changes made in the 2D environment. For example, if you delete all the objects under a parent system in the 2D environment, the changes will not be reflected in 3D environment. In a 3D environment, the parent system must always have at least one object.

  • The Place Belt Components command supports the Add, Modify, and Delete modes only when you have at least one object left under the parent system.

  • To delete a parent system, you must delete the parent system in the 3D environment. Then, the changes are reflected in the 2D environment.

  • Material Handling symbols are delivered in the symbols share in the [Reference Data Product Folder]\MaterialsHandling\2D\Symbols folder.