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Intergraph Smart Weld Quality Management System Custom Reports (2019 R1)

Intergraph Smart WQMS
Customization & Programming
2019 R1 (5.0)

To add report driver class and custom report driver dll name:

  1. Navigate to the installation path ...\\SmartPlant\Smart WQMS\Models.

  2. Open the WQMS-Reports Excel file.

  3. Click ReportDefinitions sheet.

    The following properties exist in the WQMSReportDef section:

    • WQMSReportDriverClass - Mention the name of the class here.

    • WQMSCustomReportDriverDLL - Mention the name of the custom built dll here. Omit the .dll extension while entering the name.

      The following names are used under the WQMSReportDriverClass property for out of the box reports. For these reports, WQMSCustomReportDriverDLL property can be empty.

    • ExistingNOIorROI - For generating the NOI or ROI report

    • ExistingWelder - For generating the welder related reports

    • ExistingSummary - For generating the reports in reports module

    • ExistingLHS - For generating the LHS report

    • ExistingWelderPerformance - For generating the welder performance report in reports module

If you want to generate the report without any driver, you can mention WQMSReportDriverClass as "BaseClass" and WQMSCustomReportDriverDLL as empty.