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Intergraph Smart Instrumentation Installation and Upgrade Guide

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Intergraph Smart Instrumentation
2018 (12.0)

Smart Instrumentation is designed to use data stored in databases to construct and maintain your engineering data and domains.  Before installing the multi-user Smart Instrumentation version for Oracle, you need to perform some preliminary procedures such as installing the Oracle database server, Oracle client, and configuring Smart Instrumentation for connection to the database server.  To install Oracle, you must have some knowledge of the database installation procedures and basic conventions and features of your Windows environment.

When working on an Oracle platform, you maintain database-user relations by exchanging data with the database. To do this, Oracle maintains a multi-interface system that provides the desired connection along the data transfer path.

The systems described in the above figure can be physically located on the same computer or on different computers which are connected on a local network.

The entire installation process consists of the following major steps:

  1. Installing the Oracle database server.  You perform this step only if you have not already installed the Oracle database server on your system.

  2. Installing the Oracle client and verifying the connection to the Oracle database server.  You perform this step only if you have not already installed the appropriate Oracle client on your system.

  3. Installing the appropriate Smart Instrumentation components.

  4. Connecting to the Oracle database and setting up the Smart Instrumentation database for Oracle (by running the DB Setup Utility).

  5. Creating a new Smart Instrumentation domain.

First, you install and configure the database server where Smart Instrumentation will store your data.  Then you install the Oracle client through which Smart Instrumentation interfaces with the Oracle database server.  If you have already installed Oracle as your database server, you may need to modify your database server settings to adapt Oracle to support the Smart Instrumentation database.

After installing the Oracle database server and the Oracle client, you install Smart Instrumentation and configure the appropriate Smart Instrumentation files.  This way you will also be able to use third-party applications such as CAD interfaces.

When Setup finishes installing the selected components, you need to configure Smart Instrumentation to connect and work with Oracle.  At this stage, you create the tablespace required for the Admin schema.

The final stage is to initialize a new domain in Oracle and set the initial parameters of the domain.  This way you prepare the database for creating the domain plant hierarchy and defining engineering data.

  • We recommend installing and configuring Oracle locally, not by remote desktop connection.

  • Ensure that you obtain the appropriate serial number for the chosen type of Smart Instrumentation installation (standard installation or special server installation for use with IDEAL).

In this document, whenever a string appears in brackets, type the value substituting the entire string, including the brackets.  For example: instead of <Oracle home folder>, type c:\orawin.