General Tab (Reference 3D Piping Component Properties Dialog Box) - Intergraph Smart 3D - Help

Intergraph Smart 3D Piping

Intergraph Smart 3D
2019 (10.0)

Displays the standard properties of the Reference 3D piping component. All these properties are read-only.


Displays the name of the piping component.

Bend Angle

Displays the pipe bend angle for the piping component. For example 90 deg.

Bend Radius

Displays the pipe bend radius for the piping component.

Face To Face Dimension

Displays the distance between port1 face to port2 face.

Heat Tracing Requirement

Displays whether the piping component is heat-traced.

Tracing Max Temperature

Displays the maximum heat-tracing temperature of the piping component.

Inspection ISO ID

Displays the inspection ISO ID of the piping component in the reference model.

Insulation Specification

Displays whether the piping component is insulated.

Insulation Purpose 1

Displays the purpose of the insulation.

Insulation Purpose 2

Displays the material of the insulation.

Insulation Purpose 3

Displays the thickness of the insulation.

Operating Temperature

Displays the maximum operating temperature of the piping component.

Schedule or Thickness

Displays the schedule thickness short description or code for the piping component.

Schedule Thickness 2

Outer Diameter

Displays the component's outer diameter for the piping port in units of measure, such as millimeters (mm) or inches (in).

Nominal Diameter

Displays the nominal diameter (NPD) of the piping component feature. The piping component feature is inherited from the pipe run which the component feature belongs.

Piping Model Code

Displays the piping model code for Smart 3D.

Piping Component Type 1

Displays the commodity type short code for the piping component.

Piping Component Type 2

Piping Commodity Option 1

Specifies short code for the primary commodity object from the Piping job specification.

Piping Commodity Option 2

Commodity Specialty Type

Displays the short code for the piping commodity specialty type.

Valve Operator Type

Displays the code that represents the type of valve operator, actuator, or appurtenance used in the model. Valid codes are listed in the AllCodeLists.xls workbook on the ValveOperatorType sheet in the Codelist Number column.

Geometric Industry Practice

Displays the source industry standard used in the preparation of the pipe catalog data.

Geometric Industry Standard

Displays the name of the source, either an industry standard or a manufacturer, used in the preparation of the catalog data applicable to the piping component.

Valve Operator Class

Displays the valve operator class used by the piping component.

Operating Pressure

Displays the maximum operating pressure of the piping component.


Displays a list of options that you can use instead of the selected object. If no options exist, this field just displays Default. The Option list contains any options defined in the piping specification for the short code selected in the Type list. For example, if you are looking at a valve part, the Option list contains other valve parts, such as one with a higher-pressure rating, that you can use here.

Spool Name

Displays the name of the piping spool it belongs to.


Displays the object's short code. The short code is based on the piping specification and nominal diameter of the object selected along with the geometry at the insertion location.

Commodity Code

Displays the commodity code for the penetrating spool.


Displays the short code for the piping component.

Piping Component Type 3

Dry Installed Weight

Displays the dry weight of the piping component.

Fabrication Requirement

Displays whether the pipe requires fabrication.

Fabrication Type

Displays the fabrication code for the piping component.

Construction Status

Displays the construction status of the piping component placed in the model. The default construction status is New.

Construction Status 2

MTO Reporting Requirements

Displays the reporting requirements for the object, whether the object is reported or not reported.

MTO Reporting Type

Displays the reporting type. The reporting type displayed depends on the Reporting Requirement you choose.

Catalog Part Number

Displays the catalog part number associated with the piping component

Layer Name

Displays the layer name on which the piping component is contained.

Source object type

Displays the name of the type of object.