Adjust the Default Change of Direction rule for sloped piping - Intergraph Smart 3D - Help

Intergraph Smart 3D Piping

Intergraph Smart 3D
2019 (10.0)

The Catalog must contain appropriate bend angles in the Default Change of Direction rule for Smart 3D to correctly place turn fittings for sloped pipe runs.

  1. Click Task > Catalog.

    Catalog opens.

  2. Navigate to Default Change of Direction Rule.

  3. Adjust the Bend Angle From and Bend Angle To values as necessary so that the bend angles account for the slope variation.

  4. Bulk load any changed bend angles. For more information, see Loading Reference Data into the Catalog in the Reference Data Guide.

  5. Click Task > Piping.

    Piping opens.

  6. Route the sloped pipe.

    Smart 3D calculates the appropriate turn fittings for the sloped pipe run.

  • When routing a sloped pipe, use a slope value that is larger than the Minimum Slope for the pipe run to avoid To-Do-Record (TDR). The software compares design slope and minimum slope of the pipe run. If there is a difference between the values caused by any modification, the software generates a TDR.

  • If you route the pipe run and allow Smart 3D to automatically place the elbows, Smart 3D can calculate modifications to the pipe run later in the design cycle. Make sure that the elbows you use in sloped piping are trimmable (that is, you can change the bend angle).