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Plant Design System (PDS) Equipment Modeling (PD_EQP)


This pull-down provides the ability to modify rendering, fonts and colors used during a graphics session. It also allows you to set the form view, refresh view, active category, and active coordinate system.

Command Groups

  • Set Form View — Allows you to select the left or right screen for displaying forms.

  • Set Refresh Views — Establishes two views that display the refresh tee.

  • Set Active Point — Establishes the active point definition for placing equipment with

  • Active Category — Provides the Active Dumb Category, Active Semi-Intelligent Category, and Active Primitive Category commands.

  • Active Coordinate System — Provides the Active Design Volume Coordinate System, Activate Plant Coordinate System, and Show Active Coordinate System commands.

  • Colors — Modifies the colors used in the graphics environment. Use the File Design command from the File palette to save your settings before exiting the design file.

    Each tile in the color palette represents a color in the active color table. To modify a color, you must first select it. The selected color has an enlarged tile in which its index number (0-255) is displayed. The view background color is in the lower right corner of the palette, denoted by "B."

    Double-clicking a tile opens the Modify Color dialog box, which is used to modify the color.

  • Fonts — Opens the Fonts setting box. To see a type sample for a font, select in in the list box.

  • Rendering — Opens the Rendering Settings box, which is used to adjust rendering settings. It controls distance cuing, which determine how atmospheric fading is set in the view. You can also set the Fog Color in this dialog box, which can be used to create a realistic atmospheric haze.