Review Categories - PDS - Help

Plant Design System (PDS) Equipment Modeling (PD_EQP)


This command allows you to review or modify the displayed category data (segregation parameters) associated with a screen view. You can use the display categories to selectively segregate the data for display, manipulation, and plotting purposes.

All the graphics in the model or drawing (both intelligent and MicroStation) are placed on a controlled set of levels. You can display or not display various categories of graphic data by turning the category level(s) on or off.

Each category is associated with a system level, symbology and color code as defined in the RDB. Refer to the Reference Data Manager Reference Guide for information on the level and color code assignments.


  • Turn On All Categories — Turns all categories on.

  • Turn Off All Categories — Turns all categories off.

  • Invert All Categories — Turns all categories that are ON to OFF and turns categories that are OFF to ON.