Analyze - PDS - Help

Plant Design System (PDS) Equipment Modeling (PD_EQP)


The Analyze option opens the Element Information settings box, which is used to change the attributes of an element(s) and review design file data associated with them, such as geometry and database attributes.

DO NOT use the Analyze command to change any properties of a PDS element. This feature should be used only as an investigative tool in PDS applications. It is permissible to use this command on non-intelligent, user-defined elements in the model file; however, use of this command should be limited to those elements.

When the Analyze command is active and a single graphics element is selected, the displayed data pertains to that element. Use the Next command to display data on any nested elements.

The element type is shown in the title bar. The type number is shown in the upper left corner of the settings box.

Refer to the MicroStation User's Guide for more information on the Analyze command.