Graphics Environment - PDS - Help

Plant Design System (PDS) Equipment Modeling (PD_EQP)


This chapter provides information on all of the pull-down menus in the graphics environment with the exception of the Equipment pull-down, which is covered in its own chapter.

  • File Commands — This pull-down provides basic file manipulation commands, such as compressing and exiting the file. It also includes commands which allow you to mark items and generate envelopes.

  • Element Commands — This pull-down provides the Analyze command used to open the Element Information settings box.

  • Settings Commands — This pull-down provides the ability to modify rendering, fonts and colors used during a graphics session. It also allows you to set the form view, refresh view, active category, and active coordinate system.

  • View Manipulation Commands — This pull-down provides view manipulations. All of these commands result in modifying what is seen in selected views. These commands only manipulate the view of the model but do not manipulate the actual model.

  • User Commands — This pull-down allows you to modify things that apply only to your system such as how memory is used on your system, how windows are displayed, how various items on the screen are laid out and behave, how reference files are attached by default, and so on. As the name implies, you can adjust these settings to suit your preferences.

  • Commands — This pull-down provides access to on-line help and allows you to remove all of the currently displayed palettes.