Basic Component Manipulation Commands - PDS - Help

Plant Design System (PDS) Equipment Modeling (PD_EQP)

3D Design and Visualization

These commands add components or equipment items to existing pieces of equipment and also copy, move, delete, and modify equipment items.

The commands that are shaded are covered in a different chapter according to the order in which they are taught during the Equipment course.


Using The Component Manipulations Commands — Outlines prerequisites, group workflow and basic instructions for using the Component Manipulation commands.

AddPlaces an equipment item or component on an existing piece of equipment.

Modify Makes changes or modifications to and already existing equipment item or component.

Modify & CopyCopies an existing equipment item or component to a specified location and modifies the copied component.

MoveRelocates an equipment component to a specified location.

CopyPlaces a copy of an equipment component in a specified location.

DeleteRemoves an equipment component from the specified piece of equipment.

RotateRepositions an equipment component about a designated axis.

Mirror CopyCreates a mirrored display of an equipment component on a piece of equipment.

MirrorMirrors the display of the selected equipment component.

Nozzle ManipulationPlaces, modifies, copies, revises, and deletes nozzles.

Datum Point ManipulationsAdds or modifies an equipment datum point. Although this option is a part of the Component palette, it is included here since it is also a major part of equipment manipulation.

AcceptAccepts, confirms, or permits an action.