Nozzle Type 2 - Axial - PDS - Help

Plant Design System (PDS) Equipment Modeling (PD_EQP)


This is a straight nozzle normal to the radial plane. By convention, the nozzle is always placed pointing away from the reference point. Therefore, once the axial distance is specified (N1 - positive or negative), the centerline direction (points up or down) is implicitly known.

A Type 2 nozzle placed through the primitives form is displayed as Type 0 in the Nozzle Directory. When revising this nozzle, the Nozzle Type 2 - Axial form appears. Note that DP contains the value hub. This means the nozzle reference point is the refresh tee and not a specific datum point.


The radial is the arrow originating from the vessel axis and pointing towards the nozzle axis.

(OR1) - Orientation of Radial

The rotation is about the vessel axis.

(N2) - Radial Distance to Nozzle Center Line

This is an unsigned offset along the positive direction of the radial. Refer to the Unsigned Distances section, CASE 1.