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Plant Design System (PDS) Equipment Modeling (PD_EQP)

3D Design and Visualization

These commands are the basic view modification commands.


Window Volume — Defines a window display volume using precision inputs.

Window Center — Defines a new center point for a window view.

Window Area — Defines a window viewing area by two data points.

Window Origin — Defines a window view by the window origin.

Refresh Views — Refreshes the specified views.

Zoom In — Changes the magnification to focus on a smaller display area.

Zoom Out — Changes the magnification to focus on a larger display area.

Fit — Displays all elements in a selected view.

Review Categories — Review or modify the displayed category data (segregation parameters) associated with a screen view.

View Equipment — Modifies a screen view allowing only the elements making up an equipment item to be displayed.

Saved Model View — Saves the view orientation and clipping volume of a selected screen view.

View Previous — Review the previous display of a selected view.

View Next — Moves to the next display of a selected view after the View Previous command has been performed.