Database Library File Manager - PDS - Help

Plant Design System (PDS) Equipment Modeling (PD_EQP)


The Database Library File Manager allows you to copy unapproved files into approved library directories. This is the only place where you can define or modify the network address, directory and/or file specification for the approved/unapproved files.

Setup Information

  • When defining the Forms Directory Location through PD_Shell, the forms must be defined in a subdirectory named forms. Since the Equipment Modeling product automatically appends this extension, do not enter the path with forms as part of the path.

    • For example, ~\win32app\ingr\pdeqp\ is a valid path even though forms is a subdirectory of pdeqp.

    • If the directory containing the database library file manager is not defined correctly or if the mount fails, an error message box will be displayed when attempting to enter an equipment model. The form allows you to either proceed using a default directory or to exit.

  • Verify that the subdirectory sym is a subdirectory of the same path where forms is a subdirectory.

    For example, ~\win32app\ingr\pdeqp\sym is a valid path.

  • If you define the Forms Directory Location through PD_SHELL, you can export the variable PD_EIFORMS to identify the directory and local path. Note that PD_EIFORMS can only reference forms on the local workstation.

    • For example, defining the Control Panel=>System User Environment Variable: PD_EIFORMS=c:\pdeqp\mydir\ refers to the forms residing in ~\pdeqp\mydir\forms. The directory forms is automatically appended.

    • If the Network Address and Directory fields are left blank or if a \ is entered in the fields, the system defaults to the node and forms directory where the PD_EQP software is loaded.

If prompted to...

Do this:

Select RDB File type

Select the RDB file type from the available list.

The system highlights the selected type and displays the network address, directory and file specification of the specified file in the approved and/or unapproved fields.

Select Attribute For Revision

Select any one of the input fields to modify the contents or select the Approved —> Not Approved option to copy the approved data into the unapproved directory and then modify the unapproved input fields.

Accept Or Select Another Attribute

Select Accept to execute the copy process. You must select Accept after each entry.