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Plant Design System (PDS) Equipment Modeling (PD_EQP)


Allows you to define which reference models are displayed, review the current library files, set marks for MicroStation graphics, or take advantage of the automatic marks set at the beginning of each Equipment or Component Manipulation command by undoing the manipulations sequentially.


File Design — Allows you to save the active parameters defined in the current design session.

Reference Model — Attaches a reference file and allows modification to the attached reference file.

Review/Revise Project Files — Displays the library files for the current project which provides reference data for the model.

  • The Undo Mark and Undo All commands use a buffer to store data for each Equipment Manipulation command, each Component Manipulation command, and each mark set for MicroStation graphics. The size of this buffer is defined by the variable MS_UNDO and is set, by default, to 64k. You can define the buffer size using the User Preferences command in the Memory Usage category, which takes highest precedence. The system stores the commands sequentially until there is no more space in the buffer, at which point the data for the first commands are overwritten as needed.

  • Serious damage can be done to a design file if the Undo Mark command is used to undo data that was actually too large to store in the allocated space. For instance, if you use the fence and move a group of components that equal 129 blocks then select the Undo Mark command, the system is unable to retrieve all of the data. The results are unpredictable at best. The same sort of problem exists for the Undo All command. It is important to set this buffer to the largest number possible and to keep this limitation in mind while using these commands.

Undo Mark — Negates MicroStation drawing operations or Equipment or Component manipulations performed after a mark was set. For MicroStation graphics, you must place marks as you draw. All Equipment or Component manipulation commands automatically place a mark before the command is performed. Read the Caution above before using this command.

Mark — Places a mark before MicroStation drawing operations so that you can perform undos if you are not satisfied with the next drawing operation. All Equipment and Component manipulation commands automatically place a mark before the command is performed. You should not add marks before performing these commands. Add marks only before MicroStation drawing operations.

Undo All — Negates all operations performed since the first mark was set in the design session. A mark is set by the use of any Equipment and Component manipulation command automatically.