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Displays and defines properties of any barriers included in the cable tray. To display this dialog box, you must select the appropriate Specification and enter the Number Of Barriers on the General tab of the New Cableway dialog box.

Select Item for Modification

Select the partition created by the barrier that you want to modify. To assist you in locating the correct partition, the cableway symbol at the bottom of the dialog box highlights the partition selected.

Go to Defaults

Resets all partitions or cable trays to default settings.

Delete Barrier

Deletes the selected barrier from the cable tray.

Add Barrier

Adds a new barrier to the cable tray.

<CableTray Properties>

Indicates that you are modifying the main cableway.

  • CableTray Width - Specifies the width of the entire cable tray.

  • CableTray Depth - Specifies the depth of the entire cable tray.

  • Default Cableway Spec - Specifies the specification to be used as the default.

  • Default Minimum Cableway Barrier Width - Specifies the minimum width value for the barrier/divider. The partitions are symmetrical until you change them.

<CableWay1 Properties>

Indicates that you are modifying the first new partition. Select <CableWay2 Properties> to select the second partition, and so forth.

  • CableWay Run - Select the cableway to which you want to attach this particular partition.

  • CableWay Run Name - Accept the default name or enter a name for the cableway run.

  • Cableway Spec - Displays the specification of the enclosing cableway. This option is read-only.

  • Offset Along Width Direction - You cannot change this value for Cableway 1. However, it can be modified for the other partitions.

  • Fill Efficiency - Specifies the percentage cable fill capacity for the partition.

  • Signal Type - Enter the signal type of the cable for this particular partition.

  • Voltage Grade - Enter the voltage grade of the cable for this particular partition.


Illustrates the number of barriers in the cable tray, and the number of resulting partitions. Additional highlighting appears when you select an item for modification. (See the red lines in the following illustration.)

The partitions are symmetrical in size until you change them.

Provides a visual cue for the XY orientation.

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