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Places components such as branches, ends, reducers, and turns for cableway and couplings, unions, and tees for conduit. You must select a straight feature, end feature, nozzle, or component port in the model when using this command. You can add components either during the routing process or after the cableway or conduit has been routed.

The software uses the specification and the insertion point to filter the components available for placement. The software also generates any mating and connection parts required to connect the inserted part to adjacent objects.

When inserting components, you can use the Tools > PinPoint and Tools > Point Along commands to position components precisely.

If you specify that the component should be created as a new run by selecting <New Cableway> from the Run list, the software populates the New Cableway dialog box with the properties belonging to the existing run (that is, the run you selected in which to insert the component). If the properties of the existing run do not match the defaults specified in the electrical system, the software displays a dialog box asking you if you want to use the properties of the System, Run, or None.

Insert Component Ribbon (Cableway)

Insert Component Ribbon (Conduit)

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